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SolarWinds Backup


Unified, cloud-based backup service for physical and virtual servers

Robust and reliable enough to handle even large machines and applications

Fast backup and rapid restore with built-in compression and deduplication

Simple, at-a-glance status dashboard eliminates manual checking

Global, purpose-built, private cloud included

Low TCO with no hidden costs


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SolarWinds® Backup is the modern, cloud-first backup service for your virtual and physical servers. Designed to reduce the cost and complexity of backup without sacrificing speed or reliability.
If you’re tired of managing backups with a mix of products for virtual and physical servers, dealing with complex configurations, and staying on top of ever-changing storage requirements, take a look at SolarWinds Backup, already trusted by thousands of companies around the world. With this simple, powerful, and affordable service, your backups go directly to our global purpose-built private cloud, and our deep deduplication makes backing up (and recovering) even your largest servers fast and efficient. With SolarWinds Backup, you can manage all your backups from a single dashboard, and get hours of your week back.



      One-step implementation has backups running typically in minutes, with no need to provision
storage or manually configure cloud connections
  Single web-based dashboard to quickly and efficiently manage all backups
  TrueDelta™ deep deduplication for faster backups and restores
  Purpose-built private cloud with AES-256 encryption and data centers around the world to
store your backups
  Proven and reliable, protecting thousands of companies
  Enjoy low TCO, with no hidden costs







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